Ich bin ein Berliner, the world renound line pronounced in Berlin by President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on June 26, 1963 during his speech on the  freedom of man. Fifty years after his death, the echo of liberty continues to resonate  and it’s effects are not just political. This tribute will serve to satisfy the timelessness of the message, letting each citizen of fashion express their cultural influences.

Is it the way to express your feelings, a bit of humor to your wardrobe or the statement you make by wearing this trend? I asked myself this question. Because I start buying this trend last season and I still like it. The quote sweatshirt. It’s not that I want to make a statement, although I choose the sweater with the text that suits my personality. No, I bought this sweater because it’s funny and cool.

Sweater: Civissum by ID Haarlem, Blouse: Second Female by ID Haarlem, Pants: Zara, Socks: Red Sox, Bag: Alexander Wang by Mayke Oisterwijk, Shoes: Uterque