Travel Easy but in Style

You could say I’m part of the easyJet crew. I’m flying twice a month from Amsterdam to Milano. It’s usually a short trip. easyJet is super fast (1 hour and 20 minutes) but I still prefer to wear something easy. Comfortable but on the other hand stylish enough. Since I usually have appointments before I have to go to Malpensa airport or after arrival. Trousers are very important (especially during long flights) they need to be loose and comfortable. I always wear a sweater and sneakers and don’t use too much make-up. Furthermore there’s always a pair of sunglasses in my bag. I wear sunglasses on the plane to sleep. What about you guys? Do you have travel habits? Special travel trousers or any tips to make my flights more comfortable?

1. Sisley, Emulsion Phyto-Aromatique Eye and Lip Contour Complex- 2. Dior Nail Polish – 3. Passport – 4. Sennheiser Headphone – 5. Sweater Acne – 6. K-Swiss Sneakers – 7. M Missoni Trousers – 8. Proenza Schouler bag