This time it’s different

This doesn’t happen often. I fell in love with a fragrance. Ok, I fall in love with a bag, a pair of shoes, a lipstick or a beauty product now and then. But this time it’s a different kind of love. Giorgio Armani Privé Figuier Eden hypnotized me. I started wearing the fragrance two weeks ago and every single morning my hand reach out to this precious bottle. Figuier Eden, is the fifth fragrance in the Les Eaux collection under the Armani Privé label. ‘Les Eaux’ each illustrate the colorful emotions and fragrant scents of legendary gardens. A tribute to history and nature. I don’t know if it’s the pink pepper, the tea accord, the bergamot, the mandarin, iris, amber or the green fig accord what attracts me in this scent. This fragrance is unique, super sexy but on the other hand clean, wearable and suitable for everyday use. I can’t wait until tomorrow.