Sweater Weather

Winter arrived, Milan is getting colder. I even noticed some snow flakes yesterday. It’s time to get your warmest knits and sweaters out of your closets. I love dressing for winter weather, because I love layering but I have to admit I’m less creative when the┬átemperatures are around or below zero. I just want to stay warm and wear something comfortable. To avoid a boring situation (sweater + denim look) I will share 5 creative ways to wear a sweater.

1. The classic grey knit, in combination with a striking leather jacket.

Tip: Lipstick! I don’t wear any make-up but the lipstick completes the look. Trust me! You can’t believe how many guys turned their head when I was walking back home after shooting.

Knitted sweater: Filippa K, Jeans: Levi’s Vintage, Leather Jacket: Acne, Shoes: Adidas Super Stars, Necklace + Ring: Laura Gravestock, Lipstick: Diego Dalla Palma (54)