Sharing a business and a bed

I’m so happy and honored to be featured as the first creative couple for Chapter Friday’s new series creative couples. Curious how eighteen hour work days made us even closer, read the interview.


You’re together all the time anyway, have similar interests and know each other by heart. Yes, the step to working together as a couple is one that is easily made. But what does it really take to work together with your beau?

This new series on CHAPTER FRIDAY zooms in on creative couples and asks them exactly that question. First up are my dear friend and superstar blogger Linda Tol and her self-taught photographer boyfriend Renwe.

Meet Linda (30) & Renwe (29)
Linda is a street style star with a heart as big as her smile. Linda and Renwe split their time between Amsterdam and Milan. She blogs and writes a monthly ten-page trend story for Glamour Italia while he works as a photographer and social media manager. The two met on a dance floor eleven(!) years ago and have been inseparable since.

CHAPTER FRIDAY asked them a couple of questions (ha, couldn’t resist the pun) live from their holiday in LA, about what happens when partners in love join forces in business. Let’s find out!

You two work on Linda’s blog as a duo. Walk us through the steps: who does what?
Linda: “The two of us come up with locations and stories together. I’m responsible for styling and Renwe takes and edits all of my photos. We’ll decide on the end result together and I’ll take it from there and create the post. It’s a perfect, fun and clear division of tasks.”

You’re on the road all the time. Is there any form of routine?
Linda: “Honestly, not really. Our workdays often last for eighteen hours straight. Every night we’ll pull out our schedules for the next day and align our plans.”

Did you have a big talk about working together?
Renwe: “It grew that way organically”. Linda: “Renwe picked up photography as a hobby and managed to turn that into a job. It’s great to see each other grow and to celebrate success together in such a unique industry.”

What happens behind the scenes that people might not expect?
Linda: “Renwe is quite involved with my styling choices and can be critical!”

Blogging is kind of a 24/7 thing and you’re in it together. Can you ever let go of work?
Linda: “We’d have to go to a deserted island without Wi-Fi to stop the work talk! Because we love what we do and bring out the best in each other, it’s difficult not to get caught up. Squeezing in quality time is the most important, though.”

Are you soul mates, or do you believe in such a thing?
Linda: “Absolutely. We’re boyfriend and girlfriend, best friends and make a super team.”

Does working and living together give tension sometimes?
Renwe: ”It’s a harmonious process for ninety-nine percent of the time. But we might disagree on a location or on what the best photos are. And when it’s freezing cold and we’re shooting outside, Linda sometimes loses her patience.” Linda: “I’ll admit, it’s true…”

What shoot are you most proud of?
Linda: “This shoot for CHAPTER FRIDAY! These are the prettiest photos that have ever been taken of us.”

Ahw. #melt.

Photos by Liselotte Fleur