Buongiorno, did you enjoyed the weekend? I came back from Ibiza, Saturday morning. I’m back in Milano and  battling homesickness now. It was my first time in Ibiza (but super sure not the last one) Now I understand why they call it, the magical Island.  I had such an amazing time, but it wasn’t just Ibiza. River Island, Keith, Melissa, Zanita, Tamara, Sandra, Josh, Jelani, Patricia, Samantha, Angelica, Kenza, Victoria and, the Destino hotel, the first night in the Pacha club, the boat trip to Formentera, the dinner at the beach, dancing on the top deck of the boat, the day at the villa,  the dinner at Lio Ibiza (one of the best nights of my life). I’m super happy, lucky and grateful. Thank you River Island for this amazing experience.

ps. More about the trip will follow soon. Zanita and Sandra photographed me and can’t wait to show you these photos.