Franklin & Marshall, recognizable for their American college style and vintage colours. I associate Franklin & Marshall with street wear influenced from sports, music and culture. Their famous Hoodie Sweaters (I bought mine years ago and still wear it, the quality is amazing), Varsity Jackets and Sweatpants. I was familiar with the brand, I know the clothes are handmade in Italy and they concentrate on quality, but I got the opportunity to know them better last weekend.

Franklin & Marshall invited me to join the Movieland Music Festival in Verona. Next to the festival, the visit to the store (I was happily surprised about the collection and the diversity of the collection, there’s so much more than hoodies, varsity jackets and sweatpants) and the delicious lunch. I got the opportunity to meet the amazing NERVO sisters. Who launched a capsule collection with Franklin & Marshall. The Franklin & Marshall team organized a dinner (yes we had pizza) with Miriam and Olivia and their mom before their performance at the festival. After dinner we went to the Movieland Park where we had some time backstage before the NERVO sister had to play. We danced and jumped the night away. An amazing experience, an amazing weekend. Thank you Franklin & Marshall and Miriam and Olivia. You girls rock!

PS. The #NERVOforFranklin collection is now available online and in store.

Dress: NERVOforFranklin