Good Morning Girls. Today is actually the worst Monday ever. It’s the first day after the holidays. I’m back in Milan and back to work. I have so much work to do. I have to work on new articles for Glamour, I have to catch up with my agent, I have to answer at least 100 emails, I have to prepare all the outfits for the coming fashion month and I have to catch up with you guys. There is so much to show and tell you.

I would like to start with the myt_stylist Instagram tool. mytheresa.com celebrates the new season FW15 with the new and unique tool – myt stylist. This instagram styling tool allows you to create and share your dream outfit on Instagram.  It’s amazing guys! Today is the day of the launch and I’m already addicted. It’s super easy and so much fun. Look up the profile myt_stylist on Instagram, tap your way through the top FW15 pieces and share your unique outfit. And don’t forget to tag me in the photo. I’m super excited to see your FW dream outfit. #MytStylist #MyTheresa