My Partner In Crime

Fashion month is over. I’m still recovering to be honest. September and February are the busiest and best months of the year. But they are super intense. Six till Eight shows, around 3 Presentations, Events, Cocktails, Dinners and after- parties and last but not least 2/3/4 outfits a day. People always aks me about my favorite fashion week. It’s difficult to answer, since they are all 4 so different. I love NY because I love the city. My schedule in NY is not as busy as Milan or Paris. So I actually have time to enjoy the city. I have time to discover new places, cool hotspots (more about these spots will follow soon). I usually skip London, but I attended London Fashion week this season. Topshop invited me to attend the show, which was an amazing experience. Milan is the busiest fashion week for me. But I think I love Milan the most. I think the reason is because I live here. I work together with the brands and the PR, I know the people. I have my own wardrobe, my own bed and super important my own driver. I collaborated with Kia this season. My partner in crime. Not just because of the color. The crispy white lower body with Electronic Blue roof matched with every single outfit. The Kia Soul Eco-Electic won the inaugural Green Car of the Year Award. The car is full-electric, it looks cool, it’s super comfortable, it comes well-equipped and it doesn’t even lose any cargo space in order to fit its battery bank. Plus, you get access to its 210 lb.-ft. of torque right away, because you don’t have to wait for the revs to build to get that power. Trust me if you’re looking for a new car, you’ve got to test drive this electric vehicle.