My Life in Milano

It’s crazy how fast time flies. I remember last year as it was yesterday. Although so many things have changed and so many things happened. Last year around this time I got the keys to my appartement in Milano. We moved at the end of August. So we are living in milan for almost a year now (except the time we were out for travelling). I love Italy and I really like to live in Milan. I know my way around. I live close to my best friends. The temperatures are in general much better than in Amsterdam. I love the food, the Italian lifestyle, the language and the people.

Regarding the language. Do I speak Italian? I understand 80% but to speak the language is still quite hard. My bf an I went to school in November. We followed an intensive Italian course at Il Centro. One month every day from Monday till Friday from 09.00 am till 13.00 pm. We planned a trip to LA so it was impossible to continue the course in December. But we’re actually considering to go back to continue the lessons. I highly recommend Il Centro. The Italian School for Foreigners in Milan is located in the centre of the city. The method is amazing. The lessons are conducted using the communicative method with a humanistic approach and utilizing materials developed by the school staff. The first month I followed the group class. Which was great. In my opinion the best way to learn a language. All the other students (from all over the world) started from zero and we really helped each other. Learning Italian by activities such as games, role-playing and wild range of audios and videos. After that month I followed some individual lessons. Which was good, because I could focus on everything I learned before and could ask all my questions. But I’m still not confident enough, so that’s the reason why I still don’t speak Italian with other people then the Uber driver, the Esselunga cashier and my doorman.

But except speaking Italian I feel like a local. I bike around without google maps (most of the time) and discovered so many cool new places. I receive many requests from magazines and followers to share my favorite spots. I usually share them through my instagram. But I decided to pay more attention to cool spots on the blog as well. So let’s start with Milano.

1 – 2 – 3 Il Centro Milano: Via Ponte Vetero, 21
4. Bahama Mama: Coolest place for the best manicure & pedicure in town! Next to the nail bar and beauty sale you can shop amazing vintage pieces. While enjoying a delicious juice. Another reason to visit Bahama Mama.
Address: Bahama Mama Viale Col di Lana, 1 Milano.
5. La Gelateria della Musica:  Simply the best! And trust and believe me I tried many ice creams in my life. This is the best in the world. There is always a queue, but it’s worth the wait.
Address:  Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi, 4
6. Orto Erbe e Cucina: Organic Lunch/Brunch or dinner spot. Nice to know you can buy all herbs after dinner. The herbs  grow in their own garden.
Address: Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 3.
7. Bar Luce: A visit to Fondazione Prada is a must. Bar Luce is designed by film director Wes Anderson. It’s like your drinking your cappuccino on a movie set. The design of the interior, the floor, the wooden panels, the colors remind of the Italian pop culture from the 50s and 60s.
Address: Largo Isarco, 2
8. Drogheria Milanese: A cool and nice place to hang out. Great ambiance and good food. The menu includes both Spanish and Italian specialties. I love their Vegan burger.
Address: Via Conca del Navilgio 7
9. Vala. My favorite spot for breakfast. Around the corner from my house. I love to work here with my laptop. The atmosphere is cozy, it feels like home. Next to breakfast, the menu for lunch and dinner is amazing. All dishes are biologic and organic.
Address: Via Daniele Crespi, 14, 20123 Milano, Italië