London Calling

Good Morning Guys! It’s about that time! I haven’t been in Schiphol airport for one week now. Last week I visited Rome for 2 days, more about this trip will be up tomorrow! Today I’m going to London. Silhouette and invited me to celebrate the exclusive launch of Futura sunglasses. I’m looking forward. I love London and I’m excited to interview Tali Lennox, the campaign model. I just finished my breakfast, need to pack my suitcase and then I’m ready to go. I started with my hand (bag) luggage and while I was collecting my stuff I came up with an idea. An idea I want to share with you. Do you also love to see what’s inside someone’s handbag? The inside of the bag says a lot about the woman, her life and personality. Inside the bag will be a new categorie on So, let’s start with my bag.


1. Bag: Celine (you all know her)
2. Sunglasses Silhouette: I love this round shape, and the fact these glasses are so light! Silhouette eyewear is lightweight and flexible. Light as a feather. Highly elastic. Allergy free. Dimensionally stable. The common characteristics of the brand.
3. Passport.
4. The CK One 3-in-1 concealer pen: A corrector, primer and illuminator all in one. The built-in primer provides shine control and ensures long wear. The formula is light and easy to blend, but the coverage is great. As you probably can see,  I can’t live without it.
5. Business Cards: There always in my bag (in all of them) so I’m sure I always have them with me.
6. Seconda Base: Powerlipstick: The must-have for every handbag. (no phone, no life).
7. Chanel wallet: she’s not only pretty, she’s practical as well.
8. Pen: Could be usefull.
9: Yves Saint Laurent Kiss and Blush: My new addiction. I will review this beauty in a must-have post, we all need this! It’s a lipstick and blush in one. It goes on easy and stays all day long. Your beauty look stays fresh and vibrant for hours by stashing this pocket-sized savior in your clutch or cosmetic pouch before you leave the house.
10: Dior: Haute Colour Nail Polish, 494 Junon. One of my other latest obsessions. Grey polish.  This new formula plays up the gel effect. The polish is enriched with organic silicon, so it trengthens the nail surface for extra-long wear.
11. Candy: For those who know me, there is always candy in my bag.
12: Nashi Argan: Handcreme for dry hands. One of the best!
13: Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care: You all bought it right?
14: Nikon 1: Damn cute, Small size, Attractive appearance, Reliably quick performer, Very good image and movie quality.
15: Fashionary Notebook.