Linda x Studio Ruig

Leather, I can’t get enough of this material and I’m very happy the designers can’t get enough of it. The leather look is everywhere this season, last season and next season. From skirts, dresses, sweaters, skinnies, bikers to sleeves, pockets and shiny leather lining. Contrasting fabrics or a combination of leathers in one look. I love it all. So you will understand my enthusiasm when Studio Ruig contacted me about a collaboration. A leather bag a leather pants or one of my favorite fashion items a leather sweater? Next to leather I love Studio Ruig. Their collections are androgynous made of pure materials and a strong use of color. Leather is their favorite the ‘RUIG’ component, which is Dutch for ‘rough’, finished in the most simple way. I’m super excited to show you the result of my love for Studio Ruig, leather and sweaters. Let me introduce you:
The Special Edition Linda x Studio Ruig leather sweater. Available online now!

Sweater: Linda x Studio Ruig, Shorts: Zara, Shoes: Nike Airforce 1 High, Socks: American Apparel