Golden Oldies

It’s kind of funny because now I realize all the items I’m wearing have a history. The vintage Levi’s jeans, the classic camel coat, the bomber jacket (which is new, but has a historical background) The bomber jacket’s roots can be traced to WWI, where “bomber” pilots with the Royal Flying Corps in Belgium and France were the first military to be issued long leather flying coats in 1915. And my Lanvin shoes. I bought them 6 years ago (but have worn them twice) since I can’t handle the height of the heels. Despite the fact their all classics, the result is cool and 2014 right?

Coat: Max Mara, Bomber Jacket: Selected Femme by MrsJones Fashion & Art, Jeans: Levi’s Vintage, Black Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Lanvin, Socks, Market Berlin, Earcuff: pulselv by Erika Boldrin, Lipstick: Lancome, l’absolu rouge 189