Dressing for Nails

Let me introduce you to: Junon, Front Row, Muguet, Trianon, Rouge and Bonheur. My new friends from Dior. I met them 2 weeks ago and we became really close. But it’s not only about these 5. Dior presents a shade for every outfit, every desire and every moment. It’s about 21 nail polish tones, with a revolutionary formula. This formula offers the coveted gel effect with long lasting results. The new nail polishes contain organic silicone which helps straighten the surface of the nail, and high tech polymers which create an invisible fusion between the nail and the nail polish which ensures a long-lasting effect. Next to this formula, they changed the brush. More flexible, substantially longer, rounded and flat cutting, the new brush picks up the perfect amount of polish for a perfect and uniform application. You might wonder if these promises are true?

I tried the 5 below and I would say yes. I’m enthusiastic! You can’t compare the effect with a gel treatment, but it lasts long and the shine is amazing.. It’s definitely worth a try! And trust me I’m picky when it comes to nail polish.

Dior Vernis Couture Gel Effet