Borgo Egnazia

63 suites and rooms, 93 town houses, 28 villas, four swimming pools, three restaurants, two self-owned beach clubs, a 1,800 square metres large spa, tennis academy, bicycles and a unique 18-hole golf course with constant sea-view. Bongo Egnazia stands out. I visited Puglia so many times I’ve lost count! I’m lucky that my job allows me to travel around the world. I stayed at many different hotels. But Borgo Egnazia holds a special place in my heart.

My room was located in the main building, known as La Corte. The décor combines Mediterranean tradition and modern design. The rooms are divided into four categories. Every room contains either a super king-sized bed or two separate beds, stone bathrooms, and either a balcony or a private garden. Many of Borgo Egnazia’s services, including Due Camini restaurant and Vair Spa are hosted in the main building.

Every single restaurant at Borgo Egnazia provides a unique experience and atmosphere, treasuring the highest culinary quality and embodying the many faces of the traditional dishes of Puglia. ps. Dinner in the Piazza. The buffet with typical Apulian food and live traditional music is a must do when you are staying at Borgo. I highly recommend the pizza at trattoria mia cucina.

Next to the restaurants the Vair Spa is located in the main building. Over 2000 sm of moving magic Only signature Treatments designed by special people  Vair is a truly enjoyable way to increase wellbeing, beauty, happiness. Vair offers a rich and sumptuous menu: you can taste either the mesmerizing treatments a la carte or taste whole programs that intensely take your life to new and unexpected levels. I experienced a new treatment named color and would love to share this experience with you.

Colour guides, elevates, calms down or incites energy according to its energetic vibration. SGARGIAND is a program designed to play with colours, to absorb feelings and to look at the world with a deep, inner sense of wonder. This was the first time I experienced a treatment for 4 days. Every day a new experience.

I started the first day with SPIRT. A journey in the ritual of bathing. Spirit V is our full journey through your senses ending in pure serenity. You can experience all aspects of the guided itinerary, through warm, hot and cold immersions, followed by skin polishing with soaps, mud, salt, fresh products and scented waters and finishing in their Roman-style bathing pool.

The second day was all about color. I didn’t know that every colour touches a different part of your soul and tangibly affects of our emotions. I experience this with a massage that combined essential oils and pure vegetable oils.

The third treatment NU SPETTACLE (What a performance!) A ritual of immersion and rebirth. You start with a chromatic test and go through a moving journey of music and silence that unleashes curative dimensions to heal and lighten yourself.

The fourth day was the most exciting day. I was really looking forward to the experience called AVEMMARI.  The 80 minutes session with Stefano.( It was my first shaman experience) were super special.

During ortho-bionomy the body is gently stimulated using gentle movements, comfortable positioning, brief compression and subtle contact, encouraging the body’s reflexes for self-correction in a way that supports its own healing mechanisms. The result is seemingly effortless pain and tension relief, natural re- alignment, relaxation and a deep sense of well-being. The individual is empowered to participate in their own recovery, and through the process can begin to rediscover the ability to heal and restore comfort, ease and balance back into their body.

It’s hardto describe the feeling after the session. But it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. If you ever get the change to do this, you must try.

It’s not just the incredible location, the beautiful rooms, the super service, the delicious food, the activities they offer, the Vair Spa. It’s the magical atmosphere. A stay at Borgo Egnazia is a must do in life.

It’s Borgo Egnazia: it’s nowhere else.