Beauty Talk

Humidity, heatwaves, heavy-duty pollutants, sea salt and sun, summer can be the undoing of your hair and skin. I actually didn’t wear any make-up during my holidays in Thailand. I avoid anything too sticky or creamy, as it will attract sand and break down faster in the sun. I change my beauty routine twice during summer. I skip foundation and mascara when it’s warm. I feel comfortable because my skin is tanned. I just use an easy-to-blend satin-finish lipstick and nail polish in a bright color. My only beauty concerns are: How to protect and to keep my skin, lips and hair moisturized? Talking about hair. Do you remember the Lancome beauty post the beginning of the season? I tried the IPL Hair Removal System by Panasonic and promised you to come back to you after a few months.

I’ve tried every form of hair removal out there: shaving, waxing, epilating,  you name it, but they’re either too painful or the results too short term or both. I’ve thought about in-salon laser/IPL hair removal, but these kind of treatments take too much time and are quite expensive. After some research online I decided to invest in the new IPL Panasonic system. I never tried a hair removal system before. I was super excited and curious. Does IPL hair removal really works, is it painful?

Well, the IPL removal system reduces the growth of unwanted hair without damaging your skin. It removes hair from any part of the skin super easy. The system delivers flashes of light when sliding the IPL on the skin. You just need to push and slide the device, pressing the head onto your skin and the light flashes activate automatically. This light goes through the skin until it strikes the hair shaft or the hair follicle. The light is then converted into heat, destroying the hair-producing papilla. These flashes of light are produced at an interval of 3 seconds. After using the IPL a couple of weeks, your skin is smoother and more hair-free. You have to experience it yourself. Trust me it’s worth the investment.  It will save so much time next Summer!!

 Swimsuit: Onia, Sunglasses: Versace, Ring: Rossella Catapano