A Hint of Blue

I usually photograph my looks during the weekend. Because my BF (no surprise at all) is the one who takes the photos and he’s working during the week. We try to find the right location, which takes time. If the weather is good and we’re both in the mood we photograph 2 looks. We love to go to the Noordermarkt  to do grocery shopping and to enjoy a coffee at out favorite spot (two for joy) on Saturdays. It’s quite funny because I’m usually a way to overdressed for a regular visit to the market. After lunch and bring back the groceries home. I change and we go out for a walk in the city another coffee or some shopping. We live in the jordaan area and usually stay around there for lunch, coffee and drinks. Last weekend it was different. We decided to take the bike to the Pijp. To find a new location for shooting and to discover new hotspots. From now on, I will recomment the spots on lindatol.com. So you collect them and create a hotspot list for once your visiting Amsterdam, Milan or any other city.

Sweater: Stella McCartney, Jeans Blouse: M Missoni, Skirt: Celine (vintage), Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Dior, Bag: Gucci