26 Hours in Rome

Rome one of te cities high on my must visit list. So, you can imagine I immediately replied YES when I received the invitation to attend the Roy Roger’s event in Rome. Do you already follow me on Instagram? If not? you should! Those who follow me, might remember the gelato photos. Because one’s in Italy.. Ice cream is required.

Anyway I arrived around 12.00 in Rome last week. After storing my luggage in the hotel I had two hours left (before lunch) to explore the city center. After the lunch (we had lunch at Temakinho, a very cool place with excellent sushi) we decided to walk (and make a stop for a gelato) to the Roy Roger’s store. I found my ice cream lovers in crime in Rome. Kristina Bazan (blogger from the amazing blog Kayture) loves sweets as much as I do. After a walk through the beautiful city it was time to get ready for the evening. The event was organized in the amazing new boutique located in the city center of Rome.

The interior of the boutique are aligned with the design concept, anchored to the past while heading to the future. Modern elements emerge with characterized elements. Shelves of solid wood made from old late 19th-century casks displays in combination with modern racks of white steel.

Roy Roger’s born in 1949, is the first Italian blue jeans manufacturer. The first pieces were working garments crafted with a very resistant denim purchased from the american Cone Mills, the first denim producer in the world. Through decades of history the brand has maintained its originality and preserved high quality in raw materials, using exclusively American, Japanese and European denims. Roy Roger’s pays attention to the constant research on special washings on the clothing lines for women and men, all strictly hand-made in Italy.

I interviewed one of the founders of the company. He explained me they introduced the first-ever tailor-made jeans service. In each store you can experience the custom-made jeans service. Incredible right? It is possible to choose the fit, the fabric, color, rivets and even the buttons of the jeans. I didn’t get the opportunity (yet).