“Wonderlust is an infinite desire for adventure, romance, and discovery,”  “It’s for the woman with the curiosity and passion to trust in herself and follow her heart.”

Captivating, confident and always sexy, Wonderlust evokes a life where beauty, impulse and sensuality set the tone. Deeply romantic, it’s a fragrance inspired by the unexpected, the unknown and the exotic. Anything is possible in this passionate world.

Wonderlust is focused on the dianthus flower. Almond milk that’s been blended with a “spicy, creamy floral.” Top notes of almond milk are accompanied by heliotrope placed at the hart of the fragrance. The base of the composition provides benzoin, a natural resin from Thailand leaving the impression of warmth, and the spicy sweetness of cinnamon.

During the Wonderlust reveal in Greece I got the opportunity to smell the notes of the fragrance separately. I love the refined gourmand of Almond Milk. It’s an interesting mix of notes, they blend so well together. Wonderlust is more than a fragrance. It’s the desire for escape, living life in a luxury and adventures way. And you feel this adventure whenever you wear it. You feel part of the campaign. Developed by Mario Testino.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that Michael Kors choose Lily Aldridge to be the face of Wonderlust. That became more clear after my interview with Michael and Lily.

Lily Aldridge Q&A

What was it like to shoot this campaign? Can you tell us any secrets from the set?

I’m honored to be the face of Wonderlust. This campaign is all about adventure, a glamorous and romantic escape. Shooting the campaign with Mario made it even more special. We were on a gorgeous yacht off to a beautiful island. We had so much fun during shooting the campaign. The chemistry between Michael, Mario and Wouter. The fact that a group of butterflies flew by during the shooting was a magical moment.

How would you describe the spirit of Wonderlust?

Wonderlust is all about living life with a send of adventure. The Yacht, the island and wearing a beautiful gown on the beach.

Do you use fragrance as a confidence booster?

Yes. My fragrance completes my look. It’s the finishing touch of the outfit. I wear a fragrance everyday. My decision which scent to wear depends on my mood.

How do you stand apart from the crowd?

By being myself. Being yourself is more important than anything else.

What was your first fragrance?

Rosewater. My mom gave it to me. And my daughter is wearing it herself now.

Is there a scent that inspires you?

Smells do bring back memories. Rosewater is a scent that makes me feel at home.

What is your own beauty regime?

I wear fragrance everyday. I try to keep my skin hydrated with moisturizers and I drink a lot of water. Taking care of the skin is very important. I always wear SPF and in this case sunblock.

The one beauty product you can’t live without?


Michael Kors Q&A

What is the inspiration behind the fragrance?

I kept thinking about the idea about optimism and spontaneity. Sexy get interpreted by a lot of people as dark and mysterious. I like the idea of that your open to anything, that’s it’s unexpected. You could be in a party and you can disappear. In today’s world we are over scheduled. We have too much on our calendar, always glued to our devices. I wanted something that felt sexy and unexpected. When I start to think about even the name, it’s the idea when you look at something you still look at it with wonder. Whether it’s a beautiful flower or a just a moment that you capture with your boyfriend. How do we take that, plus the idea of travel which opens you up to anything and falling in love. We invented our word. That mood is something that people need.

What is your design process like?

It’s an ongoing process. It’s my 35th year, I don’t think that people go into their closet and throw everything away. Some people keep items in their closets for more than 10 years. It depends on the mood and the occasion.
Whether its music, movie or theatre. My travel, things I see on the street. It all kind of comes into my head. There are no seasons anymore, there are no rules. We show boots in the summer, sandals in the winter. It’s about the balance. Everything I design. Is glamorous and sophisticated, but on the other hand I like to be familiar, wearable and relaxed. The blend of the two things is the recipe why you want to wear that piece. If it’s really classic it’s boring. If it’s too outspoken, you probably will wear it once. Im looking for the best friend in your closet. It’s about the person, my customer is the picture, I make the frame.

How does perfume fit into a woman’s routine?

Perfume is the ultimate finishing touch. It’s what expresses your mood faster than fashion. With fashion you have to think about it. You wake up. You have to think about what do I have to do today. What’s the weather like. If you have time to change when you’re coming come before getting ready for the night.  With a fragrance you got to express how you feel quickly. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing or the occasion. It just expresses your mood, so it’s really the finishing touch.

What are your favorite scents?

I love white flowers, I love yasmin. I love peonies. I love citrus it’s fresh. Im pretty open. I love something indulgent and sexy. That kind of reminded me of when I was a teenager. Going to clubs wearing a lot of sandalwood. I like things that evoke a place. It takes you back to memories.

What is your fragrance philosophy?

I look at it the same way as I look at fashion. You change your shoes depending on what your wearing and what mood you’re in. Fragrance depends on the mood. It’s the fasted and easiest way to express your mood. So you need a wardrobe.  My grandmother wore only one fragrance, her whole life. That fragrance became her signature. But nowadays people know themselves better. You can be a tomboy in the morning and a lady at night. You need a different fragrance.

Of all your creations, do you have a personal favorite?

I guess I’m like a dad. I kind of love my first borned. The Michael Kors Signature. But I love my babe. I love Wonderlust. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love the other ones.

Does Michael Kors wear a fragrance?

I wear a little bit of fragrance if I’m going out at night. I never wear fragrance during the day. I wear fragrance when I’m dressed. If  I wear a tuxedo and going to an event.