What’s up with that?

I get most of my fashion inspiration from street style. I love Pinterest and I’m really really addicted to Instagram. I can’t get enough of searching through the web, to watch street style photography and to read street style blogs. It’s very interesting for me to see how “real people” style clothes together in an interesting and all in a different and personal way. In my opinion there are no rules. Personality is the keyword.

This blogpost is about the diversity of the grey sweater. I’m aware of my sweater addiction, but grey sweaters? I was shocked, I didn’t know I had so many of them. (I just selected a few of them for this photo) This might be because grey is a basic color, grey is easy to combine with any other color and suitable for any occasion. But they are all different right? No, you can never have enough of them.

1. Filles a Papa  2. Civussum 3. Dondup 4. Isabel Chain