What a woman’s purse says about her personality

The inside of the bag says a lot about the woman. I recently wrote an article about the insides of a handbag that can reveal big secrets and huge opportunities for various marketers. ” Forget a woman’s eyes – if you really want to know her secrets then look at and into her handbag! ”

It’s so true. The kind of bags we choose, and their contents, can say a lot about our personality types.  The type and color, the style it reveals more than we think about our own purse-onlity type. But what about the women who are addicted to bags? Women like me. I love to buy different styles, designers,  and colors. And the contents of my bag changes everyday?! I’m going to Milano tomorrow. Curious what’s inside my handbag? And does it reflect my personality?

1. Givenchy bag: Still one of my favorite travel bags. She’s super big, though a bit heavy, but easy to carry.
2. Celine bag: If you follow me on Instagram you might have met her before. She’s my latest investment. I’m super proud I got my hand on this 41 years old beauty.
3. Nail Polish: OPI: Keeping Suzi At Bay. There’s no holding back this assertive navy blue.
4. Samsung: Samsung Smart Camera NX300.
5. Lipstick and nail polish marker: Just too cute to handle!
6. Kyme Sunglasses: A new concept of vintage, hand-made in Italy.
7.  Dr. van der Hoog hand cream: Handsome. It protects against cold winter conditions.  It delivers ultra-hydration without feeling greasy.
8. Seconda Base, Powerlipstick: The must-have for every handbag. (oh, this items reveals a secret. I can’t live with a low battery).
9. Sisley So Intense mascara: It has a very unusual brush, but the effect is amazing. Volume and length.
10. easyJet Ticket. I’m traveling to Milano quite often. Actually every month. I fly mostly with easyJet because it’s the cheapest way. You can book a ticket to Milan from 29,57 euro. And they offer the best times.
11. Celine wallet: One of the best B-day gifts ever.
12. Dior Trianon Palette Case: More about this beauty will follow soon.