The polish of the future

I’m a nail polish junkie. If change the colors of my nails every day. Without colored nails, I feel naked. Nail polish is the finishing touch, it completes my look. I love to try new colors, brands, structures and techniques. You can imagine, I was super happy when O.P.I invited me to experience the Gel Polish Treatment. I have to admit I wasn’t sure about Gel Nails. I heard so many rumors about Acrylic and Gel nails from people who had a bad experience. But I was super curious about the treatment and decided to start with Gel toes.

Gelcolor by OPI is a Ultraviolet manicure system that allows your nails to stay healthy and strong while maintaining the chic shine of a salon service. It applied like polishes and lasts for at least two weeks (mine are still perfect after 4 weeks). The key point to the whole system is the LED Light. It can solidify Gel in as little as 30 seconds. There are a total of 30 Gelcolor Colors available for application. After you choose your color and getting bored of it. I decided to choose gold (because of fashion week), it’s super easy to apply another color on top of it and super easy to remove it and you won’t have to worry about damaging them. I’m super enthusiastic about it. Gorgeous color that lasts for weeks and the treatment is quick, easy and last but not least super affordable. I actually love it and can’t wait to be back in Amsterdam to book the next appointment at salon All Daring.