The basic essentials of life

Packing a suitcase for fashion week. One of the most difficult things to deal with in life. I don’t even talk about packing a suitcase for one month of fashion week. It was quite an experience last September. It was the first time I travelled with one suitcase for one month. I have to be honest with you, I shopped most of my outfits in Milan and changed my suitcase for NY in Milan.
My packing list consisted of many basics. The Skinzee jeans from Diesel was one of them. Not only an important item during Fashion Week, this skinny jeans is a basic essential in life!! I want to share my enthusiasm about this jeans with you. I worn the jeans multiple times during Milan Fashion Week and even after a week of running from show to show my Skinzee stayed perfect. This jeans offers the comfort of jeggings and the look of a real 5 pocket denim. The fabric adapts perfectly to the body and get back to its original shape after use. I love the fit,the great shape, it’s tight and super comfortable. It promises a revolutionary recovery process implying they keep their shape. And I can tell you, Diesel is right!