The Bag Every Woman Should own

I think I’m just slightly addicted. But this is no news for you. Accessoires are indispensable, they complete the look. Bags in particular. Yes I am addicted. I try to limit myself to buy two or tree bags a year (every season). Buying a new bag is an experience. I actually start the search right after (or a week after) the purchase of a new bag. I love to browse through blogs and pinterest to gain inspiration. At the beginning of every season I make a wish list and visit the stores to have a look at them, to feel the texture, to hold it and to see if the bags suits my style my personality. If there is a spark, if my heart starts to beat faster then I know it’s the one! I have to fall in love. I fell in love again, two weeks ago. with this Calvin Klein bag. I love the shape, the bag super functional. Easy to carry and go around. It’s suitable for any occasion. From a day filled with meetings, till coffee dates with friends till a night out. The bag is big enough to carry essential items, but small enough to carry during clubbing. Next to that the color is black in combination with gold, so it suits every outfit.

Bag: Calvin Klein