That LA Vibe

I’ve been here for one week now. And yes, you were all so right. I love this place. It is magical. The weather (which was actually not that good last week) the food, the juices, the stores, the people, the vibe, the energy and the laid back style. One of last weeks highlights was my visit the Anine Bing store on West Third Street. I’ve been following her style, blog and instagram for a while so it was such a pleasure to meet her. She’s such an inspiring women. Besides falling in love with Anine I fell in love with the store and her collection.

Leather Jacket: H&M, T-shirt: Anine Bing, Lace Bra: Anine Bing, Jeans: Anine Bing, Sunglasses: Anine Bing, Shoes: Aperlai, Bag: Proenze Schouler