Pull it Back

From Christian Dior to Carven, Herve Leger to Linda Tol. The wet look is back for Spring. It might look a bit daring for a daily hair style but you can style it in two different ways. Super sleek for the night and more¬†wearable, pulled straight back with product (more loose) for the day. I photographed this look on a Saturday morning (I told you I’m usually a way overdressed for a regular visit to the market). But it’s balanced in combination with the oversized sweater and relaxed jeans right? From now on you will see this look more often. I’m working on a new look and this hair style is the perfect solution to wear it in a cool way.

I want to reveal some of my beauty secrets with you. I got many questions about how to create this sleek or pulled back look. The secret is to work with you hands (forget the brush). You start with blow-dry. Blow-dry your hair backwards and run your fingers through your hair. Apply a bit of conditioner (golden tip!) gel or wax and fix it with a strong hold spray. If you want to create the super sleek look, use a brush and wet gel to pull it back.

Sweater: Stella McCartney, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Nike