Pajama Party at Paviljoen Puur

Stay in pyjamas all day! Yes, after Marc Jacobs introduces¬†the pajama trend it is ok. His Fall/Winter 2013 collection showcased the possibility of silk pajamas suitable for daytime.¬†From silky robes to lace bathrobes, fur stoles, spaghetti straps and ladylike silhouettes the pajama dominated the fall 13 runways. Today is sunday, it’s cold outside. Is there anything better than pajamas, blankets, hot chocolate and movies? Yes! Louis Maximilian is organizing the first decaf Sunday today at Paviljoen Puur. So, you still can wear your pajamas, there is good food, a fireplace, nice people and up to 50 % discount on the fall collections. Hope to see you there!

ps 10 Crosby Derek Lam has an amazing PJ in the Fall collection.