New In: Winter Wardrobe

How many winter coats do you own? I bought a new clothing rack last week. Guys I moved 2 month ago to Milano. And the winter didn’t even started. I just love to wear a different style, color and type of coat every day. It really depends on my mood and of course of the weather. The rain season has started in Milan. haha the only jacket I don’t own is a good-looking rain proof jacket. I keep buying leather bikers (I’m obsessed) and long woolen coats I own them in all different kind of colors. But a winter coats requires ┬ámore than just to be pretty. It needs to be warm and comfortable. ┬áBut I found my winter partner in crime. She’s warm, cozy, comfy and super cool.

Coat: Antik Batik, Sweater: Hope, Jeans: Levi’s Vintage, Shoes: Santoni