Meet the Parents

An outfit that sparkles from head to toe, heels or flats, a mini dress or a maxi skirt? Glitter nails or basic black? Smokey eyes or just a touch of red on the lips?
We all have to deal with these questions. It’s almost that time of the year. December, Party season! Family get-togethers, after work cocktails, dinner parties, christmas, new years eve and all the rest. Party wise, the busiest time of the year. It requires a lot creativity, it’s a challenge. To make it easier I created 10 head-to-toe looks for every possible holiday event. Starting from meeting his parents to the hang over day.
Meet the Parents: SOS! No, there’s no need to panic. My advice. Keep it classic but simple. A skirt with colored blouse or a skirt and jacket in combination with sneakers. Stylish but easy. Play with colors and complete your look with accessoires. Jewelry and a striking bag. (His mom will love it). agh and very important don’t forget to bring along a small present.
p.s From today on there will be a new look up daily, so make sure you keep your eyes on 
Total Look: Chanel, Photo Credits: Fabrizio Turra, Beauty: Giulia Nicora