Meant to be?

Call it destiny or meant to be? I promised myself to STOP buying sales! I’ve been a good girl last 2 weeks. Probably because I didn’t even had the time to sleep (so there was no time to visit stores, except Esselunga). But I didn’t buy anything. Actually to be honest, I was sure the sales were over, so the coast was clear. My sister asked me to come with her to de Bijenkorf. She needed a dress for a wedding. I entered at the bag section (thank god the sales were over) I still have to tell you another secret. Then we continued to the first floor. She caught my eyes immediately. That Acne mock stud leather biker jacket. It wasn’t the first time, we met each other. I tried her several times, but she was too expensive. The BF told me if she will be 70 % you can take her. I actually deleted her from my mind. But there was just one jacket left, my size, 70% discount. Meant to be right?