Lipstick Junkie Tried

I can’t leave the house without wearing lipstick. I go crazy without lip balm. I feel naked without a color on my lips. I’m hooked and addicted to lipstick and lip balm. I love make-up but lipsticks (along with nail polish) are my favourite beauty products. I can’t get enough of this pigment stick. There are so many different colors and textures to choose from. I love bright colors but as it depends on my mood, I can go from sheer, to matte, satin or gloss. From neon pink to neutral shades. I love to try and test different colors, textures, ingredients and brands. There is only one thing very important, the long-lasting effect. I don’t like to re-apply my lipstick after every sip or bite.

I tried and tessted Estée Lauder’s Vivid Shine Lipstick, Chrome Metal Effect. It provides what they promise, the color is vivid and the finish is shiny. I tried Mirrored Orchid, a berry-pink with metallic shimmer. I didn’t expect the metallic finish. Most long-lasting lipsticks feel a little dry, the light-emitting prism pearls in this lipstick create a multi-luminous effect. The photo’s proof Estée Lauder’s Vivid Shine Lipsticks are lightweight, soft, smooth, silky, creamy and last but not least long-lasting (even after drinking a coffee and eating an ice cream).

Tried & Tessed, Estée Lauder: Vivid Shine Lipstick, Chrome Metal Effect; Color,  Mirrored Orchid; Price, € 26,00