Linda aka Lara

I’m sure we all use this beauty product as a part of our daily beauty routine. If you don’t, you’re blessed! Dark circles, blemishes and even an uneven skin tone this beauty product solves it all. Concealer is one of the most important beauty products we use. Next to the fact it’s the most important products it is one of the most difficult products, because it can be difficult to find the right formula and shade that match your skin tone. If you have found the right one and you’re happy with the result you stay loyal to the brand. I like to experiment with new products and like to try different brands in cosmetics (of course I have my favorites) but I’m quite loyal regarding concealer and foundation. Probably because it’s hard to find the perfect match. But when I have the courage to try a new product and new brand and the result is great I’m happy. Which is the case!! And I have to tell you about my new love.

The CK One 3-in-1 concealer pen. A corrector, primer and illuminator all in one. It’s not only the packaging (which I love) the formula and result are amazing. The ck one 3-in-1 face makeup is a hybrid formula designed to reveal your authentic, real beauty. The built-in primer provides shine control and ensures long wear. The formula is light and easy to blend, but the coverage is great! Next to the coverage I love the radiance, the flawless effect. This might be Lara’s secret.