Laurent’s Bleus

An iconic accessory for summer 2014. The colors remind me of my holiday in Bali. A blue sea, a blue sky, cocktails and a white beach. The YSL team shared my thoughts. This collection is inspired by the seascapes, the sandy beaches and the blue colour of the sea, the collection consists of moisturising lipsticks, natural shades of lip gloss, waterproof eyeliners, nail polishes and a five colours palette of eye shadows. The eye shadow palette consists of indigo, royal blue, azure and two shades of coral, dark and light. Inspired by YVES Saint Laurent’s fascination with the various hues of blues of the sea, the contrast between the Mediterranean sea, with the warmth of summer beaches to achieve the signature YSL radiance. It’s an investment to buy the complete collection, but wearing the blue nail polish reminds you of that amazing holiday.

Yves Saint Laurent Bleus Lumière Summer Look