I am Obsessed

It’s clean, classic, luxurious, it grabs attention and it matches with everything. White nail polish. I love to change my nail polish  daily. In my opinion nail polish completes the look. Changing my nail polish is part of my morning routine. I let them dry, while preparing a blogpost. Last month (fashion week) I didn’t had the time to sleep or to eat, so you can imagine there was no time to change the polish every day. I came up with the idea to choose a basic color, white. And I totally love it. Next to the fact I love it, most of the designers love it. Various designers asked their artists to polish the nails of the models white. From all-white nails with precise details to crisp stripes, sexy metallics, unexpected pastels, and over-the-top art masterpieces. Yes, white nail polish will be the biggest hit come next Spring.

Nail Polish: Chanel 613 Eastern Light