How to Style the wide leg Jeans?

Good Morning Girls! Let me start this blogpost with a question? Do you wear wide leg jeans? If yes, I’m super curious about the way you style them. It seems to be a difficult piece of clothing. I have to admit I don’t wear my wide leg jeans that often since it requires more time for styling. Next to that it’s a hard piece of clothing to wear when you’re not that tall.  But I have a few secrets to pulling it off with confidence. Shoes are very important. Pair them with Wedges, Clogs, Loafers (block heels), high heel sandals, flat sandals (my ultimate summer daytime look) or with platforms! Next to the shoes proportion and volume are two important words to keep in mind. Wide-leg jeans are intended to be worn long. The create volume on the lower half of the body. Choose a sleeked or cropped top, sweater or jacket to create the best volume. If you’re not a big fan of the cropped top style the jeans with a fitted t-shirt (summer) or turtleneck (winter). Yes, wide legs jeans may take a bit more styling effort than other styles of jeans, but the results are worth it.

Jeans: GAP, T-shirt: COS, Shoes: River Island