How to find the perfect fragrance for Fall

Wether you are a perfumes collector or if you are super specific, sticking to the same one for decades, selecting the perfect fragrance is never an easy task but don’t worry, here’s a little guide that might help! The first thing to keep in consideration is finding what scent you are attracted to, a fragrance usually reminds us of something, a special memory, a place… just walk into a beauty shop and start smelling. The second, super important thing is chemistry. I know it sounds a little odd but everyone’s skin has a slightly different PH level so a scent that smells amazing on your friend might not be as perfect on you. Every once in a while, test a perfume on your wrist, let it dry and then see how it feels. This way you’ll be able to find out what bouquet works for you. The last thing to keep in mind is your personality; if you are a girly girl you might want to go for a sweet floral fragrance like Miss Dior Chérie or a fresh citrusy one like Sisley eau the Sisley 3. If you are more intense, grown up and sophisticated, you might like a more woody send with hints of sandalwood or amber, like Fendi Furiosa or Givenchy Dahlia Divin. If you feel more misterious and dark Alien by Thierry Mugler could be the right one, green notes, vanilla and trasparent amber; definitley a must have!