I love food and love to try new dishes, menu’s, restaurants and hotspots. If you follow my blog on Glamour you might have noticed I discovered a new hotspot in town. Hello Sushi, located in the area de PijP. I was looking forward to this dinner, ( since I’m a big sushi fan). I did some research after I made the reservation. I always like to see the menu and to get a glimpse of the restaurant before going. It might be because I like to know what to expect or it might be because I’m too curious.

The menu of Hello Sushi consists of sushi boxes, handrolls, specials, sticks, salads, sashimi, ramen noodles and sweets. Ginger Beef, Cashew Avocado, Crispy Duck (sushi), Chicken Meatballs (sticks) and Mochi Fondue (sweets) are some of their specials. I never tried the combinations (ginger beef, cashew avocado and crispy duck) in sushi before. I was excited to try these. After checking the menu (I already knew what to order) the chef invited me to visit the kitchen. He informed me about the concept (Hello Sushi offers the opportunity to eat in or to eat out) the menu and special dishes (they change the menu and the specials every month). And he told me about their future plans, (yes!! they are going to open another new restaurant).

I started (of course with the specials) and tried some other dishes the chef recommended, to try as much as possible. The meatballs and not to mention the sweets Moshi Almond and Moshi Fondue, (Moshi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly sold and eaten during that time) all delicious!¬†Next to the great food, I’m enthusiastic about the atmosphere and service. It’s relaxed, cozy and the prices are affordable. I live on the other side of the city, but Hello Sushi is more than a 20 minute bike ride worth it. Sushi lovers, note this restaurant in your top 5 list.


Hello Sushi, 1e vd Helststraat, Amsterdam, 72 020-6648942