Functional Fashion

There’s no better feeling than switching out your office trousers in denim at the end of a long workweek. This is what weekends are made for. I don’t have a special weekend wardrobe. But there are a lot of denims, sweaters and basic tees on my weekend staple. When I’m not travelling, I love to stroll around the city. My outfit needs to be easy, comfy neither cool and fashionable. It’s all about the way you style things together. If you decide to choose a boyfriend jeans and sneakers, combine it with a blouse, top or feminine jacket. You have to make sure there’s a balance in style to create that effortless but stylish effect. So you don’t have to be afraid to bump into friends or to receive a whatsapp message from friends to join them for a spontaneous Sunday brunch.

Gilet: Imperial Blouse: Imperial, Jeans: Imperial, Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith, Watch: Rolex