Fashion Chi Legge – Fashion illustrated Magazine

My relationship with accessories featured in Fashion illustrated magazine РSeptember issue.

Accessoires are indispensable, they complete the look. Bags in particular. I have a slight designer bag addiction. I try to limit myself to buy two or tree bags a year (every season). Buying a new bag is an experience. I actually start the search right after (or a week after) the purchase of a new bag. I love to browse through blogs and pinterest to gain inspiration. At the beginning of every season I make a wish list and visit the stores to have a look at them, to feel the texture, to hold it and to see if the bags suits my style my personality. If there is a spark, if my heart starts to beat faster then I know it’s the one! I have to fall in love.

I usually shop abroad, because it makes it even more special.
You might be curious about the last loves? I bought the Chastity Sling in Distressed Black with Yellow Gold from Alexander Wang. I fell in love with the color, the shape. Next to the fact this bag is super fashion, it’s practical because it’s big enough for my laptop, 3 jars of nail polish, 4 lipsticks, and the usual other handbag content. I bought this one in the Netherlands at¬†Mayke, they are located in the south of the Netherlands, my favorite store regarding bags and shoes!
Regarding my favorites: My chanel 2,55 I litterly cried the moment I unboxed this beauty. Wearing this lady gives me power. Next to the 2.55 I love my An Italian Theory clutch. The colors, the print it makes me happy and it suits my personality.
I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, Not that I don’t like it, but my looks are colorful and printed. I love to mix and match styles and to find the right balance in a look. Wearing a lot of jewelry might be over styled. If I wear jewelry I love to wear a watch and bracelets. I prefer to wear them together and to mix and match different colors and materials. Although a vintage rolex is still (4 years) on top of my wishlist. It might be an idea to skip one bag and to save money for this classic piece of jewerlry.