Eat, Beach, Sleep, Repeat

It’s 20.47 pm and I’m in bed. Really? Yes! I just finished packing (see my favorite items below), I have to answer 4 more e-mails and then I will try to get some sleep. I have to wake up in 4 hours. I have the flight at 4.00 am to Izmir tomorrow. Although it’s a mini holiday, the BF and I are going to spend 5 days in Cesme (Turkey), we’re both very excited. Excited about the fact we finally have the time to read a book, to wear my new bikinis, to explore a new city, a new culture and new cuisine. Stay tuned, I will keep you guys posted by Instagram.

1. Propercorn: My new guilty (not-so-guilty) pleasure. I discovered this proper popcorn a couple of weeks ago and I became addicted. It’s not just the packaging (which is amazing) the taste and the fact it’s a healthy snack made me love it.

2. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino: Eau de parfum spray. The scent of summer. It captures the cool breezes, sparkling clear water, and lush foliage of the Italian Rivera. I became obsessed after the first time I tried it.

3. Bikini: Je m’en fous: A brand Made in Italy and designed by Giulia Zoppas. This bikini is part of the limited edition capsule collection. The iconic bikini of Je m’en fous has been reinterpreted with a charismatic and sensual style, in a collaboration with Chiara Ferragni and Candela Novembre.

4. Sandals: Le Capresi: The brand was founded in 2008 thanks to the amazing love and passion story of the eclectic Neapolitan designer Rory De Angelis for the island of Capri and “dolce vita”. I can’t wait to show you the look I have in mind.

5. Sunglasses: Komono. A brand founded by Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, Komono designs and produces retro-futuristic accessories that strike to tickle your senses. The collection is very wide, but all glasses are cool.

6. Earbuds: Happy Plugs: The coolest earbuds ever!

7. Iphone Case: Happy Plugs. I recently discovered this Swedish lifestyle, fashion brand. And I’m so enthusiastic about the brand, I have to share it with you. Check out their website, because they have amazing products.

8. Nail Polish: OPI: My dogsled is a hybrid (nordic 2014 collection) My latest favorite. The color is so fresh, vibrant and matches every outfit. 

9. Kanebo Sensai: Silky Bronze Sun Protective Cream For The Face SPF 30.  I’m very curious about this product (I haven’t tried it before) I will keep you posted about my experiences.

10. Jane Iredale: Hydratation Spray. The Summer Holiday must-have!