Dip it Low

Nail polish Junkies listen up! The only disadvantage of wearing nail polish is the removing process right? It takes time, especially if there are 3 layers on your nails. But I discovered L’Oreal Le Flash Manicure Remover Dissolvant. All you need to do is dip your finger into the jar and in a few seconds, your nail polish is removed. Easy and super super quick! Another benefit of using the jar, is you don’t have to hold the cotton pad with ensures red, blue, pink (or whatever kind of color you used) stains on your fingers. The colored sponge (inside the jar) that has a hole in it (for the fingers) is filled with nail polish remover. You need to rub your nail against it, if you wear only one layer of nail polish, you polish is removed after one dip. If there are more layers or if you wear glitter nail polish you need to rub it a bit harder. The product is acetone-free and is infused with avocado oil, so it doesn’t damage your nails. So, now I change the color of my nails 2 times a day to match the color of my outfit.