Cool Classics!

Launched 40 years ago as a durable, waterproof shoe for workmen, the wheat-colored boots were repurposed in the 1990s by members of the hip-hop community. Dr. Martens were originally designed by a Nazi German Doctor, Klaus Märtens during WWII. In 1959, a British shoe manufacturer bought the patent and the rest is history. They were a huge hit in the 90’s with the grunge rock scene and now they are back and more popular than ever.  Now available in all sorts of different colours, shapes, sizes and styles. I recently bought my first pair of Dr. Martens. But I know many people who stocked them in their closet and wear them again nowadays. Dr. Martens are famous for being long-lasting, comfortable and I love the diversity of the boots. I like to wear them with a skinny jeans and love them underneath a woolen skirt in combination with a sporty or knitted sweater. I selected some street style pics to show you the diversity of this cool boot.

Shoes: Dr. Martens by Mayke Oisterwijk, Leggings: Storm and Marie by Louis Maximilian, Blouse: Acne, Sweater: Second Female