Colored Treasures

Why do accessories matter? The significance of accessories is important in every wardrobe. One piece of accessory can change an entire look.  The most important accessory for me are bags, lipsticks and nail polish because they complete my look. In my opinion accessories are a good way to create a unique outfit. Curious about my last purchases? Scroll down!

1. Pink Beanie: New Look. Super Pink, I probably don’t have to explain the reason I bought this beanie. This beanie is great in combination with a simple blue or grey outfit and pink popping lipstick.

2. Lipstick: Lancome Rouge in love (345B). One of my favorite lipsticks at the moment.

3. Eiffel Tour key chain. I bought this key chain in Paris during the last fashion week. I bought it together with one of my best friends, as a symbol of our friendship

4. Phone charger: Seconda Base. The must have for every bag. I can’t leave my house without my phone and this charger. In my opinion it’s too cool to leave it in the bag.

5. Bracelets: Cooeee. I fell in love with the colors, the material and the shape of these bracelets. They are simple, sophisticated but trendy and cool.

6. Bag: An Italian Theory. You might have seen this bag before? I love the bags of An Italian Theory and Azzurra Gronchi bags. The bag make me  smile. I love the colors and the print.

7. Nail polish: The New Black. A brand I recently discovered. More about will follow soon.