Casa Camper, Barcelona

It’s already about 2 weeks ago I came back from Barcelona. I’m still thinking about the trip every day, I had an amazing time.  I stayed at two different fantasic hotels during my trip. Both located on 2 different areas.The first one Chic&Basic Born was located in el Born, one of the trendiest districts in Barcelona. My second unique stay, was located very close to El Born, in the district of El Raval. The heart of Barcelona. El Raval is one of the two historical neighborhoods that border La Rambla. I’m writing unique stay, instead of hotel because this hotel is more like a home than a hotel. Casa Camper is a hotel located in Berlin and Barcelona.Casa Camper’s unique décor and amenities bring the Camper spirit and values to the hotel world, with an innovative concept that combines functionality and friendly aesthetics.

When I entered the narrow street, I recognized the building immediately. A characteristic building, with shiny red sliding doors. The exterior of the hotel is historical, but the interior is very modern. The hotel has like the Camper shoes a distinctive style. There are a total of 25 rooms in the hotel. Five of these rooms are Suites. Each room provides two separate spaces, the bedroom and a small lounge area. In the lounge area there is a couch, but also a hammock. The couch can be used as a sofa bed. The perfect solution, when your husband snores.

I was surprised  when I entered the room, the room itself was super big, everything was black, white and Camper red. But I was amazed when the lady from the hotel pushed the button to open the lounge area. My boyfriend and I wanted to stay in all day. Next to the amazing rooms, the super service, the rooftop terrace (with a spectacular view across Barcelona’s skyline), they offers fresh snacks and drinks 24 hours a day. A unique hotel, an exclusive concept, fab location, super service, an amazing stay! The fact my boyfriend left the hotel room with his Wabi’s on, says enough. A stay at Casa Camper felt like a home away from home.