Beauty Sneak Peek

I came back home from Milan Tuesday. I expected cold and rainy weather, but the weather was actually better in Amsterdam. But since it’s almost November I started to prepare myself mentally and physically for the winter. I bought new pyjamas, some angora sweaters, woolen skirts a beautiful Woolrich coat (OMG can’t wait to show you guys this one). So my wardrobe is actually ready. Next to my wardrobe I bought a couple of new candles and two new pillows to make the house more cozy. I stock up bars of chocolate and boxes of tea and started the preparations regarding my beauty closet.   I change my fragrances, my creams, nail polish, lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows. Actually all the entire closet. It will take too much time to discuss everything, so I will discuss them one by one.

Let’s start with the Mineralize Eye Shadow and Blush from the MAC Cosmetics Divine night collection. I would like to inform you about this collection (available from November 2th) because I think you will be angry with me if you miss this. In my opinion the Christmas collaborations and collections are always beautiful. This collection consists of gorgeous colours in rich finishes. Bright and velvety gold finishes sparkly pigments and glitters: