A Midsummernightsdream

Yet, another proof of duo’s are a success. The collaboration between jewelry designer Bibi van der Velden and Swiss jewelry house VIERI HAUTE JOAILLERIE. Guya Merkle, head of VIERI was touched by the astonishing creativity,  femininity and Bibi’s positive approach to life. We complement each other, we celebrate life, beauty and people. Guya found the perfect match between VIERI and Bibi van der Velden.


I completely understand what Guya means. I was invited to join a more than delicious lunch at Studio White Space to celebrate the launch of this unique collaboration. Entering White Space, felt like landing in a Fairy Tale. The table was set up as an enchanted forest, a big tree, flowers, candles, floral printed tableware and a menu inspired by the forest. Impressive like the collection.

The collection called, The Midsummernightsdream Collection was inspired by Shakespeare’s play of the same name, the magical forest. The contrast between lighter, warmer aspects reflected in the deep green emeralds and cream colored baroque pearls and the darker, edgy side reflected in the cobwebs designed with 18 carat white gold, set with brown and white diamonds. So boys, if your out of gift inspiration, keep this in mind. Hint to my boyfriend (I know he’s reading Lifestylehunters).

Source: www.bibivandervelden.com